Technology Staffing

Technology Staffing

Technology Staffing

High quality sourcing, screening, background checks, drug tests and other recruiting and pre-employment activities are just the beginning of the staffing services that TSR offers every client.

The TSR Staffing Methodology

TSR has a meticulous candidate vetting process. Candidates interview with TSR technical experts who have expertise in the areas for which the person is being hired. During this process, a candidate’s real-world skills and competencies are put to the test and thoroughly evaluated. A person isn’t eligible to be a candidate until our technical team verifies an individual’s technical capabilities.
To help ensure candidates are not only professionally qualified, TSR also focuses on making sure they are a good match for your company AND your company is a good match for them.
During the recruiting process, TSR continually highlights the features, benefits and opportunities that are available through your company. TSR maintains an ongoing dialog with candidates to understand their motivations, career goals and decision making criterion so that parallels can be drawn with your corporate culture and working environment.
TSR also supports candidates in comparing and contrasting the various job opportunities they are considering and keeping you informed of any competitive issues and employment drivers.

Data Center Builds & Moves

If your company is ready for a new or upgraded data center, TSR can take the hassle and the risk out of your hands. Whether you are building out your own data center or utilizing the services of a high-quality collocation facility, the success of your project is dependent on more than just good IT architecture and integration expertise. It calls for a solid working knowledge of data center construction and/or collocation specifications, including power, space, cooling, security, bandwidth, etc. We have that expertise and we’ll work hard to earn your business and your trust.

Your short-term needs can be quickly met by members of our own in-house Technical Services team. Their experience, education and expertise are proven every day at TSR. And their availability can be flexible to ensure you get the job done on time and within budget.

TSR recruits, screens and places IT contractors at your company for three months, six months or longer, and can structure contract-to-hire arrangements as well.

TSR conducts client searches for full-time employment status within your organization. Our direct placement services are conducted on a contingency basis, so you do not pay any fees unless you hire an TSR candidate.

At the end of the contract period, only after candidates perform to your expectations, you may choose to hire them onto your payroll with little or no conversion fee.

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